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Giant Blob Tree: Creative reflection

If you haven’t heard of Pip Wilson’s Blob drawings, then you’re in for a treat. The most famous one is probably the blob tree which features a scene of different blobs all doing different things:

People can look at the picture and find a blob which represents their answers to questions such as ‘how do you feel today?’. For example someone may answer that they feel great, on top of the world and are therefore the blob at the top. This kind of thing is great for the beginning of a weekend away. Pip has produced a number of different books with different pictures in (I think they are quite expensive to buy though – you could always have a go at drawing your own!).

I recently took part in a youth festival called SOLID, where I spent time at the prayer tent. I took with me a giant version of the blob tree:

I had some really great conversations based on the blob scenes. I explained the tree to them, and generally asked people three questions:

– How are you feeling today?

– How are you feeling in relation to God?

– Where would you like to be with God?

Then if people wanted to they could write on a piece of paper shaped like a speech bubble their answer to the last 2 questions, and stick this on the scene. If they were still keen they could draw their own blob and add it to the ‘Blob SOLID’ scene.

It seemed to go down really well. Apart from the fact that I sat outside in the sun all day on the hottest day of the year which resulted in me getting heat stroke! It was all worth it though.


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