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Sorry it’s been so long!

Just wanted to say that yes I am still alive, and yes I am still being creative (just living as a human being is a creative activity, so in that sense we hardly ever cease to be creative in some manner..but that’s another thought for another time*)! It’s been a busy time for me finishing off my degree, finding a job, finishing as youth worker at my placement, and then getting ready to move house (makes me tired just thinking about all that). It’s been a hectic few months, but by way of a lil update, I’m starting a schools work job in September – so hopefully I’ll have time to be able to continue with this blog but with a slightly different slant towards youth work in a school setting.

But for now, I’ve been packing my life into boxes for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve been reflecting as I’ve gone along because I’m cool like that. Firstly a reflection, and then a couple of creative ideas for you to get your teeth into.

Some Suzy thoughts…

I recently asked my lecturers from my course why they thought most students were affected in such a big way by doing the degree. One of them answered that it was all to do with boxes. As course leaders they acknowledge what box people seem to be in when they arrive, and they treat them as if they were not in that place. They encourage people to step out from their box and try a different one, or if they choose to stay put, at least explore why they are there and why they do not want to move.

I don’t really have a step by step break down of how they do this in reality – but as an ex-student I can tell you that it is so liberating! Whilst I’ve been surrounded by endless boxes recently as I get ready to move, I’ve been thinking about the boxes I put people in (conservative/liberal/naive/safe/cool/posh/won’t ever be a Christian/the type of person who will think I’m odd but not in a good way etc.). Moreover if they are in a box of their own or someone else’s accord, I’m not sure I’m always the first person to encourage them to get out and have a lil stroll. The more I think about it, the more I realise in all this talk about boxes, that it’s not really about the box at all, but the individuals or communities inside them. The more focussed I am on the person or people and their God given potential, the less the boxes matter. It then becomes less shocking if someone tries out a different box for size, before returning to their original or moving on again. Perhaps I’m waffling, I’m overly tired – it’s been a long day and I’m not sure I’m all that good at expressing the more reflective stuff in written words – I miss being able to gesticulate. Anyway, I’ll conclude. As I move on to a new job, in a new area, and meet new people I hope that I can view others not just by the box they are currently residing in, but instead see them in a more transient light. I would love to develop the art of facilitating box hopping!

I think I was being a bit overly ambitions, perhaps the creative ideas/resources bit will have to wait for another time. Hopefully some time soon!

* see Suzy’s amazing dissertation!

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