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I’ve just come across a really great blog full of creative resources for youth ministry. Check it out here:

I look forward to checking out the websites he has suggested.



That’s my King:video

Visuals set to the audio of the famous sermon “Seven Way King” (aka That’s My King) as spoken by Dr. S.M. Lockridge.


Psalm 139

What an amazing discovery, I’m pretty excited.

It’s a bit like a doodle, but with words = wordle.

Basically there’s a website where you can type in some text or a url and get a wordle (e.g. the image shown above). You can then edit this and make it into whatever style you like.

My initial thoughts were that this would make a great accompaniment to a reading or sermon/talk. Or you could print them out onto card so that people could add their own wordles/doodles as you’re speaking. I’ve always been a bit of a doodler, so I love it when people leave space for that kind of thing on their handouts.

Anyway, have a little play at

Thanks go to Steve for introducing me to this wonderful thing!


I just discovered this guy on Vimeo: Dan Stevers.

He’s got a collection of really good videos covering a range of different themes.



I have issues with bad publicity, it drives me a bit loopy. If someone gives me a flyer which consists of a few clip art pictures and arial font text photocopied onto coloured paper, they will have quite a job convincing me to come to the event they are attempting to advertise.

So bit of a boring practical post really, but judging by much of the church publicity I have seen over the years, a much needed one. If you are ever doing any publicity for anything, then Vista Print are a really good option. You can get business cards for free (just pay P+P), and postcards are fairly cheap. Also, check out for some really good free fonts.

Awareness Test (Children’s talk)

I played this clip at the beginning of the all age talk in church. I then spoke briefly about tuning in, and being more aware of what God is already doing around us and joining in with that (check out missio dei if you want to know more about the theology behind it).

That’s my King (video)