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This is not a creative resource

This post is different from all the others, but I felt like I wanted to share it even though it’s not a resource or creative idea.

A lady from my home group gave me a call the other day to let me know she had been praying for me. How lovely. Continuing on, she explained how I had been on her heart, and how when she spent time praying over me she felt like God wanted to say something to me. She said a few things, including:

‘Trust me and I will lead you gently.

Your creativity is part of you, it can never be lost, it will remain as a stream throughout your life, it may change, grow subside and slow, but it will always be there for you to worship access and celebrate me.’

In the past people have said things to me they feel God wants me to hear, but they have never been as detailed and specific as this. I must confess I was a little skeptical at first, but overall I found this so encouraging. I sometimes feel like I need to use my creativity otherwise it may disappear. I often feel guilty that I don’t paint more or use the artistic skills that God has given me – mainly because I don’t think I’m good enough and it will never be perfect (oh the joy of being a perfectionist).

But this has encouraged me to challenge that way of thinking. It’s ok to be relaxed about the whole thing. I’ve got a lifetime to enjoy the gifts that God has blessed me with, and they should be just that – a blessing, rather than something which provokes fear and guilt.

Over the summer someone commissioned me to do a series of paintings. I’m still looking for inspiration for them – but I feel more at peace about it, and feel that God will either ‘lead me gently’ with it, or it’s not something I need to do at the moment.

So there you go – my first blog thats a bit more bloggy than the usual ones.

Using creativity for reflection

Things needed: general arty bits and pieces, nature.

Having arty materials on hand so people can respond to, or reflect on sessions is a great way for people to express what’s being going on inside their heads. People all learn in different way, so it’s not always good for everyone, but I’ve found that there are always some people within each group who really value having space to respond creatively.

Our church recently had an away day, where we were looking at the ‘centrifugal kingdom’ – in a nutshell, not being inwardly focused but instead looking to how we can engage with people outside of the church. For the last session of the day people had the option of how they wanted to respond, including in an arty way, or through discussion, or just going for a walk either with a group or on their own.

I had been asked to run the arty thing, so I just brought along a load of different paints and materials. I didn’t direct people much, but instead let them respond in whatever way they wanted to. One lady wasn’t arty in a painting and drawing way, so I suggested that she collected different things from the grounds, and did something with them. We also had a couple of children who wanted to do the arty stuff, which was great.

Overall I guess my reflections were:

– An arty response can be so simple to facilitate, and if left really loose can enable people to be as creative as possible.

– It engages all ages.

– It’s not only for people who can draw or paint. Everyone is creative because we were made in the image of a creative God.