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Yummy promise cookies

I was leading a service a while ago with the theme of ‘God’s promises’. Whilst I was prepping for this, I had an idea based on the fact that we can be assured of God fulfilling all He has promised to us through the Bible.┬áThis hope is quite different from the hope suggested in many other things e.g. horoscopes, fortune cookies etc….So I decided to bake fortune cookies and put Bible verses in them instead of fortunes.

This went down really well in the service, they tasted great, and I was being observed for my uni degree – my tutor loved the idea too. Bonus. However, I would say that the whole process was pretty time consuming. From finding the verses, to a few trays of undercooked or burnt blobs of cookie mix, then eventually making enough for everyone in the service; my advice to you would be to leave yourself a chunk of time to do it in.

It’s good fun though, if I ever did it again I would defo get some young people over and make it a bit of a thing. Informal ed and all that jazz – if baking promise cookies isn’t enough of an experience to foster learning, I don’t know what is….

Do excuse me, think I’ve had my essay head on for a bit too long today.

Here are the verses I used: Isaiah 40:29, Psalm 32:8, Phil 4:7, Isaiah 2:3, Proverbs 3:5-6, John 12:46, Psalm 46:1, Joshua 1:5

And the recipe I used for the cookies can be found here.