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Whiter than snow (creative prayer)

Needed: snow, bowls for the snow to go in.

Very simple, but whilst the world was all beautifully white and snowy I asked the young people to go and get some snow each in a bowl. We chatted a bit about David’s life and the background behind Psalm 51.  I then invited the young people to reflect on the imagery of ‘wash me, I shall be whiter than snow’ as I  read out some of Psalm 51, Isaiah 1:16-18 and some other verses about forgiveness (interspersed with silence).

We then shared any thoughts or reflections that we had been mulling over.

You could adapt this idea to: Play a song as people use the snow to reflect on forgiveness (e.g. ‘Search Me’ by Vicky Beeching from Yesterday, Today and Forever album). I would encourage you to still ask people to feedback at the end, thus making the worship more corporate rather than individualistic. And from an extroverts point of view, is good for some people to be able to formalize what they have been thinking about.

[Photo courtesy of Kore via flickr – a fab site]