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Answers on a postcard (icebreaker type thing)

Things needed: lots of postcards or images

You have to be fairly dedicated to the cause for this one as it involves a slight obsession with Paperchase and other similar enterprises (which, if you’re anything like me, is not such a chore).

Basically, for the last couple of years on passing the aforementioned shops I have made my way to the postcard stands and brought a few which caught my eye. The ones that are fairly abstract, or could be interpreted in a few different ways work well.

Once your collection of postcards is fairly sizable you can use it as great tool to spark of discussion. Put the images out on display and ask people to choose one which represents their answer to questions such as:

– How has your week been?

– What is your personality like?

– What is your relationship with God like at the moment?

– How do you see God?

– How do you see church?

– How have you found this session?

– How are you feeling about this weekend away.

– etc. etc. You get the idea.

Once people have chosen a postcard to answer the question, ask them to share their thoughts with the rest of the group, or with the person next to them. That’s it – simple as.

This is a very visual and conceptual activity, so try and make sure there are other things in the rest of the session to engage with other learning styles.

Thanks go to Ben Bell for planting this idea during a PFG meeting some 2 years ago.