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Book Recommendations

Here are some great books packed full of creative ideas for prayer, worship and meditation:

Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength: 50 Creative Worship Ideas for Youth Groups – by Jenny Baker.

This book is full of loads of excellent ready to use ideas for creative worship. Available from the book section of Proost.

Be. Live. Pray. – by Becca Dean.

This book is aimed at 14-18 year olds as a resource to inspire them to pray. There are activities within the book which could easily be used within a youth group setting. It’s available from Amazon.

Osmosis – by Suzi Stock.

I had never attempted leading my young people in christian meditation before I came across this book. I must say, I was fairly dubious about if young people could be quite for that long. But Suzi convinced me to give it a go, and the young people actually loved it! This book has about 5 different sessions in it where the group are led through a meditation, listen to songs, and fill out worksheets. The song suggestions are a bit outdated now, but it is easy to replace them with more modern equivalents. Apart from that there is fairly little prep needed for the sessions. The book is available from Kevin Mayhew.

Creative resources blog

I’ve just come across a really great blog full of creative resources for youth ministry. Check it out here:

I look forward to checking out the websites he has suggested.


Some fab websites

So here are some of my fav websites for resources and inspiration. I’ve put them in broad catagories, but of course there is some cross over, so you’ll just have to check them all out.

Kore – ‘Engaging with culture, exploring new ideas, creatively equipping the church’. Great for videos, music, creative ideas etc.

Engage – ‘Resources and training for innovative, creative worship’.

Hold this space – Exploring’alternative worship, public spaces, ritual, justice and spirituality’.

Proost – ‘Inspiring resources that fuel faith’. High quality, non-cheesy videos, music, audio etc.

Damaris – Interaction of culture and faith through the three main streams of church, schools, and media.

Re:Jesus – Art, music, theology, even the occasional quiz.

Embody – random collection of things. Meditation, creative stuff, life coaching type quizzes. Just lots of interesting stuff really.

Prezi – Use this to create amazing presentations. – Assemblies, lesson plans – loads of other brilliant resources for schools work.

The source for Youth Ministry – I haven’t used this one much as I only found it recently, but they have lots of resources and youthwork session plans.

Insight – Reflections and resources on youth ministry and leadership.

Youth group games – does what it says on the tin. A lot of games/icebreakers etc. with a good search engine to locate what you’re after.

Folksy – beautiful things.

Green Basics – it’s all about the treehugging.

Incredibox – pretty hilarious.