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Jigsaw prayers – creative worship idea

Things needed: blank jigsaw, or jigsaw with picture of Jesus on, pens.

Buy a blank jigsaw, or make your own from a thick piece of card using a jigsaw template. If using the blank one you could ask people to write or draw prayers on a piece, and then pray for others requests as the jigsaw is constructed by the group.

Or alternatively you could print a picture of Jesus or the cross on the jigsaw, people could draw or write confessions on the back of a piece, and add it the jigsaw.

One of the pitfalls of alternative worship is it often more individually focussed. Putting the jigsaw together as a group brings in a lovely communal aspect to the activity. When God made the world he remarked at the end of most days that ‘it was good’. However, after the whole of creation was finished, it was only in this completeness that God thought it was ‘very good’. As human beings made in the image of a trinitarian God it is good for us to worship in community with others (Smail 2005). When we are all together, playing our part in the jigsaw that is church – I feel sure that God would see it as ‘very good’.


  Donovan wrote @

Suzy, do you have any suggestions for where to get a blank jigsaw puzzle from?

  suzybower wrote @

Hi…If you want to buy one, then I suggest getting one online (e.g. from the craft But if you want bigger pieces so people can draw or write more, then you could make your own using card and a blank jigsaw template (I think I’ve included a link for one of these in the blog post)
Hope that helps!

  karla wrote @

love, love, love this idea…and how communal it is!

  suzybower wrote @

why thank you, thank you very much 🙂

  Deniece wrote @

This is a wonderful idea. Another twist on the group worship: Have the group write a prayer. Print the final version on the jigsaw puzzle and give each member a portion of the puzzle. On special occassions, each member brings in their individual piece, the puzzle is re-assembled, the prayer recited and the group reflects.

  suzybower wrote @

That’s a great idea!! Thank you. I fear my sieve brain would have trouble relocating the jigsaw piece on that special occasion…but maybe others are more organised than I. Perhaps it would be a good way of discerning if anyone had the gift of administration.
I joke.
Let me know if you try it out, it sounds fab, I’d love to hear how it goes! xx

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