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That’s my King:video

Visuals set to the audio of the famous sermon “Seven Way King” (aka That’s My King) as spoken by Dr. S.M. Lockridge.


I just discovered this guy on Vimeo: Dan Stevers.

He’s got a collection of really good videos covering a range of different themes.


Be still (service plan)

Here are some elements from an alternative service I led on the subject of stillness/silence/solitude/sabbath. It was just before the summer holidays, so I was encouraging people to think about how they might truly rest over their time off.

The background image I used for the powerpoint

I used the first of these videos as an introduction to the service, and the second for people to reflect on after the talk.

Lectio Divina Reading

(Click here for more info about Lectio Divina)


we hear and say so many words,

yet yours is the word we need.

Speak now,

and help us listen;

and, if what we hear is silence,

let it quiet us,

let it disturb us,

let it touch our need,

let it break our pride,

let it shrink our certainties

let it enlarge our wonder.


Read Passage – Matthew 11:28-30

Are there any phrases or words that particularly jump out to you?

Read again

Chew over the word or phrase that got your attention. Why did it stand out to you? What might God be trying to say to you through it? How does it apply to your life today?

Some questions from one of the discussion times

-What are the benefits of resting on a Sabbath day?

-In the current economic crisis is it fair to ask people to take a Sabbath?

– What advice would you give to people such as nurses, ministers and youth workers who tend to work on Sundays?

I love Elvis & Wild Thing (videos)

‘I love Elvis’ and ‘Wild Thing’ are part of a series of modern parables produced by Kore. I think these clips are a great resource. Think that’s about all I want to say really, I think they speak for themselves!

Some fab websites

So here are some of my fav websites for resources and inspiration. I’ve put them in broad catagories, but of course there is some cross over, so you’ll just have to check them all out.

Kore – ‘Engaging with culture, exploring new ideas, creatively equipping the church’. Great for videos, music, creative ideas etc.

Engage – ‘Resources and training for innovative, creative worship’.

Hold this space – Exploring’alternative worship, public spaces, ritual, justice and spirituality’.

Proost – ‘Inspiring resources that fuel faith’. High quality, non-cheesy videos, music, audio etc.

Damaris – Interaction of culture and faith through the three main streams of church, schools, and media.

Re:Jesus – Art, music, theology, even the occasional quiz.

Embody – random collection of things. Meditation, creative stuff, life coaching type quizzes. Just lots of interesting stuff really.

Prezi – Use this to create amazing presentations. – Assemblies, lesson plans – loads of other brilliant resources for schools work.

The source for Youth Ministry – I haven’t used this one much as I only found it recently, but they have lots of resources and youthwork session plans.

Insight – Reflections and resources on youth ministry and leadership.

Youth group games – does what it says on the tin. A lot of games/icebreakers etc. with a good search engine to locate what you’re after.

Folksy – beautiful things.

Green Basics – it’s all about the treehugging.

Incredibox – pretty hilarious.

Another String Thing

Things needed: String, paper, cellotape.

The other week at our cafe style service, we were focussing on the story of the woman at the well. The theme of the service was an encounter with Jesus, leading to sharing the good news with others. As a response to this people had the opportunity to respond in a number of different ways – one of which involved string again….

I encouraged people to think about their journey with God, and to map this out using a piece of string on paper. So for example they could map out moments in their lives when things weren’t so great with God by making that bit a messy ball of string. Or the string could go along flat at times when their faith in God was fairly stable etc.

We then asked people to tell their story to one another using this as a tool. Some great conversations came out of this time, and I was particularly touched by my young people’s honesty in talking about some of the high points and low points of their faith.

Also, if you’re looking at the story of the woman at the well, then there’s a brilliant video by Student Life that can be found on the Kore website: